Event info

Björk Digital is an experimental VR project, a total merging of Björk’s music and cutting-edge technology that expands the musical experiment realm. Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre presents the project in Iceland in cooperation with the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. The exhibition opens parallel to the festival but this year Björk will give two concerts at Iceland Airwaves.The visitor is invited to explore Björk Digital – A new virtual reality project from the musician, alongside other collaborations with some of the finest filmmakers and programmers in the world. The exhibition will stretch between three levels on the east side of Harpa.

Björk recently gave a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, accompanied by a string ensemble and received great acclaim. Björk is an artist constantly experimenting with new expressions by introducing cutting edge technology to her music. She believes that the latest VR technology can connect her and the audience intimately; in a different way than CDs or live concerts could, it is a new type of private theatre that provides an appropriate sense of one on one solitude for you to experience music as never before. Björk’s “heartbreak saga” album “Vulnicura” was born from the extremely personal event that it is to break up with someone, and then turned that into VR for this exhibition, “Björk Digital” --an on-going project that explores the possibilities of VR and music. This exhibition also allows you to interactively experience the multimedia album “Biophilia”; An album with songs turned into applications that is being used in the educational curriculum in Scandinavia, whose theme is the confluence of nature, music and technology. Additionally, 29 songs from Björk’ career have been remastered in 5.1ch sound especially for this exhibition. You can enjoy them in chronological order in the Cinema Room. Björk says “an artist’s work is to put soul into technology”. That is certainly achieved in this exhibition that has already travelled to Australia, Japan and in October to Somerset House in London. The Björk Digital show in Harpa is the largest edition of the show and includes it´s newest addition, Family Room.

Icelandair, Valitor, Blue Lagoon and Landsbankinn copresent the Björk Digital project at Harpa.

As the Björk Digital show is an individualized interactive experience only 20 people can attend each slot, starting every 15 minutes. You must arrive 10 minutes before your session and latecomers can not be admitted. The show takes 90 minutes minimum. The entrance is on the 5th floor on Harpa´s east side.